Indices Market

Discover everything you need to know about indices, including how to trade them.

What is Indices trading?

Indices are a measurement of the price performance of a group of shares from an exchange. For example, the FTSE 100 tracks the 100 largest companies on the London Stock Exchange. Trading indices enables you to get exposure to an entire economy or sector at once, while only having to open a single position.

Index trading is a popular way for traders to gain exposure to financial markets without having to invest in individual company stocks, bonds, commodities or other assets directly.

Those who are new to financial markets often start with index trading, meaning they trade an index-tracking fund or a basket of shares, instead of buying and selling individual company stocks. You can speculate on the price of indices rising or falling without taking ownership of the underlying asset with CFDs. Indices are a highly liquid market to trade, and with more trading hours than most other markets, you can receive longer exposure to potential opportunities.


DJIA (Wall Street)

It measures the value of the 30 largest blue-chip stocks in the US.


DAX (Germany 40)

It tracks the performance of the 40 largest companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.



It reports the market value of the 100 largest non-financial companies in the US.

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